About Us

Our Story

Anesthesia and Pain Consultants was formed in 1992. Our founders felt strongly that a group of like-minded individuals could achieve a safer, more efficient, and less expensive anesthesia delivery model by working together to create a consistent, reproducible system for anesthesia and pain management delivery to our patients.  Our idea is now, and has always been, to deliver best quality care as efficiently and compassionately as possible for our patients, surgeons, and facilities. Since forming our group in 1992, we have successfully grown our business to now provide anesthesia services at three hospitals and one surgery center in the Tri-Cities area to become the largest anesthesia group in the region.

Our Vision

To create a world class anesthesia and pain management consulting practice that continuously delivers high quality, efficient, best practice, collegial solutions for the patients, facilities, and providers we serve.

Our Mission

Continuously striving to deliver best practice anesthesia and pain management solutions to our patients, facilities, and providers.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Collegiality
  • Efficiency

Our Providers

Anesthesiologists are the physician consultants who design the anesthetic and pain management plan and advocate for their patient’s safety while ensuring the surgeons and facility needs are met. Anesthesiologists undergo three to five years of extensive specialization training after completing their medical school training with a MD or DO degree. After completion of this training, a series of standardized exams by the American Board of Anesthesiology is completed and passed before certification is issued.

Nurse anesthetists are highly trained health professionals who obtain additional specialized training in the monitoring of patients and delivery of anesthesia. This training is undertaken only after completing a bachelor’s level nursing degree and then working in a critical care setting for a period of time. After completion of a two to four year specialized training course, a certification exam is administered to obtain the certified registered nurse anesthetist credentials.

Anesthesia and Pain Consultants only employs board eligible or board-certified anesthesiologists who demonstrate a passion for unparalleled, superior patient care. We also use rigorous credentialing standards to select our certified registered nurse anesthetists. These requirements are because we take quality and safety seriously. Our providers are exceptionally qualified to ensure best practice, safe, efficient, and friendly care for our patients, surgeons, and operating rooms.

Our Practice

In order always deliver a safe, consistent, anesthetic experience to our patients, we only utilize the best of the best: the best people, best techniques, best equipment, and best processes.

Our work ethic sets us apart from our competition. We work closely with our colleagues, surgeons, and institutions  continually to deliver the highest level of safety and comfort to our patients.

Our Operating Room management strategies have proven efficient and consistent with best practice. Our quality processes and methods are constantly monitored and re-assessed to ensure that we always give the best care—period. In short, we work hard to allow our institutions, surgeons and patients to rest assured that they always receive the best anesthetic care possible.

Our group provides over 30,000 anesthetics per year, which is by far the largest number of any other group in the region. We recently received the prestigious President’s Award for Quality delivered for efficient on time starts. Our recent initiatives include Enhanced Recovery after Surgery, Sleep Apnea Management, Choosing Wisely,  and Peri-operative case management standardization.

Anesthesia and Pain Consultants stands ready to deliver top quality, highly efficient care for our hospitals, our operating rooms, our surgical colleagues, and most importantly for our patients.