Anesthesia for Surgery

No procedure is routine. Neither is your choice of anesthesia. We tailor the anesthetic plan to the individual taking into consideration the patients medical conditions, type of surgery/procedure, and patient preference. Each individual case gets our full evaluation and assessment prior to development of a plan. We then fully discuss all options and potential risks.

Acute Pain Management

In conjunction with your anesthesia, we assist in developing and implementing a pain management strategy for your post operative course. We utilize a number of different tools and techniques including medications, nerve blocks, spinals, and epidurals. Our goal is to minimize your postoperative pain and discomfort to enhance your recovery.

Epidurals for Labor

This service is one of our most popular requests. Labor pain is frequently managed with an epidural. Our expert staff is available 24/7 to consult and place epidural catheters and assist with any obstetrical need that may arise during the delivery process.

Medical Director Services

Day to day direction and leadership of the OR environment is critical to an efficient smooth running operation. APC anesthesiologists are continuously available 24/7 to provide the Medical Direction leadership necessary to ensure safe and efficient throughput in the OR environments we service.

Systems Integration

APC coordinates within the larger health system both locally and nationally to bring efficiency and best practice standardization to all the facilities, patients, and surgeons with whom we work. The end result is a safer more consistent anesthetic experience in as efficient manner as is possible.